... to the database of events, places and people involved in the rising of 1381.

This is very much a work in progress. Our aim is to gather data for all counties where incidents of unrest occurred, but our current core research area comprises Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and London. If you cannot find what you are looking for presently, please bear with us.

Database Structure

The database is comprised of 3 main sections, Sources, Participants, and Incidents. The source describes where the information is found, e.g. The National Archives, and how to locate it. It contains the text in English and sometimes in the original language.

The source text has been used to construct listings of Participants and Locations. Participants comprise everyone who was affected by the rising – not only those accused of being rebels, but also victims, jurors, justices and lawyers who took part in prosecutions arising from the revolt. The database includes information on relationships between individuals, occupations and background biographical information from sources such as manorial records.

Locations comprise both places where incidents occurred during the rising and places associated with a particular individual. Note that although a source associates a place with a participant, this does not mean that they lived there – medieval sources frequently use a variety of locations in identifying people. One rebel is described variously as being of Edenbridge in Kent, Carshalton in Surrey and Winchester in Hampshire but actually lived in Southampton.

There may be multiple entries in the database for the same person or location as an entry exists for each source the person or incident is found in.


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How to Cite

If you cite any material from this database, please ensure that you acknowledge its use as follows:

a. for single references:
The reference (e.g. TNA CP 40/490 m. 458), from the AHRC-funded 'The People of 1381 Online Database' www.1381.online, date of access.

b. where repeated use of the database is made:
Information has been taken from the AHRC-funded 'The People of 1381 Online Database', www.1381.online, date of access.


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